Top 5 Reasons you should have a separate Business Account on Facebook


1.     It makes you look more professional.  If someone decides to tag you at a family event or group outing that has nothing to do with your business, its best that is done only on a personal page.  Plus, who wants to go to a business’ page looking for info and find pics of your granny’s 80th birthday or your most recent vacation?

2. It broadens your reach. There are friends with whom you may want to stay in touch with that are not interested at all in your business and you’ll have business acquaintances that don’t really care about your personal life. You can post on your business page and share on your personal page to find more customers all while keeping the 2 parts of your life separate. This avoids the “Sally is only friends with me to sell me something…” comments.

3. Angry customers happen from time to time. And sometimes they like to rant and rave on social media. Keep the bad blood out of your personal life and just on your business page. You can handle it in a professional manner and show all of your customers how wonderful you are, without spreading the word to family and friends that there was a problem.

4. It is so easy to set one up and easy to use. Facebook gives you amazing charts and graphs and reasonable prices to advertise if you want to do so, all directly from info on your business page. Use this free tool to its fullest. Personal accounts won’t tell you what posts were most popular, fan demographics, when your posts get the most comments, etc. Business pages will.

5. It will make you more ‘searchable.’ If your personal page just mentions from time to time that you sell something or do taxes or have a local business, it probably won’t show up in a search. But if you have a business page like John’s Carlisle Deli with lots of posts regarding lunch items and location and times, etc, you’ll be closer to the top on searches. And isn’t that what it’s all about: making it easy for your customers to find you?

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