Anthony Lee Brinegar

Web Developer

Anthony Brinegar is a Web Developer for Green T Design. He works with the team to translate design ideas and concepts into beautiful and functional websites. He also orchestrates the integrations of systems behind the scenes, including WooCommerce, POS systems and other Content Management Systems.

His goal is to take the visions of the clients, designers and content contributors and bring them to life in the world of the internet, both locally and globally.

Anthony has been a developer for over twenty years and has extensive experience not only using the most common and popular languages and environments in the field, but also learning and becoming an SME in a large array of more customized or less-ventured ones. This makes him the perfect candidate to throw into just about any situation and put the pieces together for a successful project.

Anthony also likes to spend time outdoors, whether hiking, camping or fishing; usually while trying to talk his girlfriend Brandy and her two girls out of adopting all the local wildlife they stumble across. But, he likes a night in, too, with a book, to do some drawing or watch some competitive or educational cooking shows. If you ask Brandy, she’d confirm that Masterchef Australia is one of their favorites…but do NOT believe her if she mentions any time he’s cried over a contestant’s back story or when one of his favorites has to leave. His allergies just tend to act up sometimes.

Anthony Lee Brinegar

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