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A Responsive Web design approach says that design and development works dynamically with the user’s behavior and setup using screen measurements, the system they are using, and visual orientation. This is done through a mix of grids and malleable layouts, images, and an expert combination of CSS media queries.

Content management is a system of technologies and processes that work together to support the storage, manipulation, and legibility of information on a medium. When collected and read online, this data can be called digital content.

E-commerce refers to buying or selling of products online.

Hosting support ensures the operation of the hardware and software of the server. It is also to answer the client’s queries in regards to the functioning of the site.

Registered email is a form of email used to ensure delivery to recipients.

Google Analytics is a web service through Google that can track and report your website activity. It is currently a platform that is apart of the Google Marketing Platform.

Digital strategy is the use of technologies in business models to obtain new alternative business capabilities.

Social media integration is using social media accounts as an part of your entire marketing strategy. This is mainly accomplished in two ways. The first is getting people from your social media accounts to your web site. Secondly, it is giving guests of your site easy access to your social media accounts.

Grow your business with Web Design, Automated Marketing, and More!

Grow your business with Web Design, Automated Marketing, and More!

Web Design, Web Development

Every business needs a website that is user friendly, responsive (mobile-friendly) and eye-catching. We build custom websites as simple or as in-depth as you need, including eCommerce sites, booking and calendar functions, directory-style sites and pretty much anything else you can dream up for your business. We then integrate your beautiful website with social media, Google Analytics, Email Marketing and more.

We provide support and hosting if needed as well as offer the option to connect your beautiful website with POS and other sales systems. Most importantly, we build our sites to allow and encourage lead generation across all devices. If it can be done, we can do it.

Our Services:

  • Responsive Website Design & Build
  • Content Management
  • eCommerce
  • Support & Hosting
  • Email Registration
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Integration

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