Social Media Content Ideas by Month

Content for awareness, holidays, causes by month for social media post ideas and marketing.

Finding connections between your industry and celebratory and awareness months is a great way to post relative, interesting and shareable content. To help you out, we’ve compiled a small list of lesser-known causes and nationally celebrated themes by month for you to springboard your social content brainstorming.

A Blog About Blogs

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Blog content and how to come up with ideas to drive traffic to your website for small and large businesses.

Blogging. It is so important. As a business owner with a website and products or services to sell, you’ve probably heard that you should be doing this. But, what, oh what, should you write about?

The Dilemma of Picture Permission

The Dilemma of Picture Permission

Picture this: you need a photo or graphic to use on your business’s Facebook page. Maybe it’s a holiday and you want to send your customers some well wishes. So, you log on to your computer and hop on Google. You find a nice image, save it off of your Google image results and post it to your page. It seems innocent but the fact is, you may have just broken the law.

Don’t Be an Image Thief

Don’t Be an Image Thief

In our latest video, Graphic Designer and Photographer, Charity, shares some tips to help you search for images that can be used in your marketing, as well as suggests great places to get free-to-use stock photos. These are image standards every business should be using; you don’t want to be the one who receives a letter asking for you to pay top dollar for an image you inadvertently stole or be the business that consistently uses watermarked images on social media.

Digital Business Communication is Key Right Now

Digital Business Communication is Key Right Now

With regulations, stay-home orders and health guidelines changing every day, it’s important, now more than ever, to stay in constant communication with your clients. We’ve compiled a list of best practices businesses can use to stay in touch with their audience while staying relevant. The most important aspect is to actually have a website for your business!

Keeping a Positive Business Outlook During Crisis

Keeping a Positive Business Outlook During Crisis

Owning a business can be an overwhelming task on a normal day but now, running a business is REALLY TOUGH. We’re choosing to focus on the good as we all weather this storm together, so we’ve compiled a list of hope-filled things you could use to inspire business flexibility. Hope it helps to get those ideas flowing!

Social Media Basics: Hashtags

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Social Media Basics: Hashtags
Some of the biggest questions we get asked in our social media training classes are about one thing: Hashtags. “What is a hashtag?” “Where do I put a hashtag?” “Why do I need to use hashtags?” They are everywhere and if you are new to using social media, they can…

What is Marketing Automation?

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It’s a suite of tools used for campaign optimization. GENERATE LEADS Identify Anonymous Visitors Capture Information with Dynamic Forms Campaign Optimization Social Media Integration DRIVE SALES Lead Scoring to Alert Hot Leads Email Automation for Nurturing Behavior Tracking for Lead Insights Sales Notifications MEASURE ROI Comprehensive Campaign Analytics Google ADWords…

Yahoo and Logo Updates

Yahoo Logos
The announcement of Yahoo’s new logo yesterday brought up the never-ending discussion about how often a company should refresh their logo and in turn, their branding. When a start-up comes to us for logo advice, we always tell them that the logo is the most important part of the branding.…

Size really DOES matter!

Camera on Desk with Computer
It is so important that the images you are using on your website or in print materials make a good first impression. Our designer Charity takes a minute to talk about what can affect the quality of the images you use to represent you and your company!

A new look for Google Search

Google Search Results
Our goal with Search always has been to help people quickly and easily find the information that they’re looking for. Over the years, the amount and format of information available on the web has changed drastically—from the proliferation of images and video, to the availability of 3D objects you can…

Does your Website WOW You?

Laptop with Website Up
An astonishing 97% of all consumers will research your business ONLINE before they buy locally. That is ALL ages, all industries combined. So if you think people don’t want to check out your online presence, you might want to reconsider your marketing approach. We’re here to help! Let us take…

Website Trends, 2018

Website Trends, 2018
Websites have come a long way in the last few years and trends are starting to change at a faster pace. It was announced late last year that Google would be rewarding websites in search that were mobile friendly. Many businesses had to (and still have to) step up their…

What is SEO?

What is SEO?
We get this question a lot! Mostly because SEO is difficult to completely understand, especially for people in fields other than Marketing, but also because anyone in the business world has probably heard this term a time or two from someone trying to sell them services. Have you ever gotten…

Facebook. It has secrets!

Facebook has its Secrets
Facebook is good for a lot of things: procrastinating, spying on your friends from high school, reminding you of birthdays you would otherwise forget… But Facebook has secrets. Hidden tools you can use for your Business Pages. And they don’t only tell you how many likes you have; they give…