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Hear about social media ads from Tammi: we do this every day at Green T Design so we have just a bit of experience! And if you still aren’t sure what to do, we’re happy to help.

A Blog About Blogs

Blog content and how to come up with ideas to drive traffic to your website for small and large businesses.

Blogging. It is so important. As a business owner with a website and products or services to sell, you’ve probably heard that you should be doing this. But, what, oh what, should you write about?

Yahoo and Logo Updates

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Yahoo Logos

The announcement of Yahoo’s new logo yesterday brought up the never-ending discussion about how often a company should refresh their logo and in turn, their branding.

What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, creating a website that, like a big fishing net, pulls in customers and clients from many different places on the internet using many different strategies.