You Might Have a Browser Issue!


If your favorite website with super cool features takes for-ev-er to load… you might have a browser issue!

If you’re seeing lots of little x’s where there should be pictures in your email….you might have a browser issue.

If everyone else is receiving fun, moving graphic images in their messages and you’re just getting the stills…you might have a browser issue.

If there are features on your websites that you frequent that aren’t allowing you to use them… you might have a browser issue.

If the webpages you view are looking like a 5 year old built them with paragraphs that don’t line up and images that seem to be in the wrong place, chances are…you might have a browser issue. (Or the company is using a free build-your-own-site, but that discussion is for another day!)

Bottom line is that many people think they have a virus, that their computer isn’t working properly or that the company they are trying to view is having a problem with their site, when really, it’s just a browser issue.

So what does this mean for you? If you haven’t gotten a new computer in the last 6 months, then your browser is probably out of date. The basic browsers are Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, and Opera and most update on their own. Unfortunately, if you have to click the “Big e” to get to the internet, you’re using Explorer which does not update on its own.

Not to worry, this is a simple fix! Just click here to easily update Explorer. And if you want to make sure you do have the most recent updates from the other browser options, click the links below to update.

Update Your Browser


Once you’ve done this, enjoy all the spare time you have!! If you save 5 minutes a day waiting for pages to load…that is 35minutes a week which is the equivalent of 30 hours a year. So go and take a few minutes now to have lots of free time in the future!


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