Website Trends, 2018


Website Trends, 2018Websites have come a long way in the last few years and trends are starting to change at a faster pace. It was announced late last year that Google would be rewarding websites in search that were mobile friendly. Many businesses had to (and still have to) step up their game so they don’t get left behind on the dreaded “page 2”.

But that’s not the only change on the horizon; here are some of our thoughts about the direction we see for websites in the coming year.


  1. Asymmetric and Broken Grid Design – In this photo-focused world we live in now, consumers are beginning to want for more interesting graphics. Sharp angles, perfectly imbalanced shapes and varying sized images. Gone are the days where shoppers will settle for a big blob of text on a home page with a single picture. They want to be “wowed” by your online presence.
  2. Drop Shadows and Depth – Flat is no fun! We want to stimulate the senses of the person browsing our website and give them a more three-dimensional feel for the business with layers and texture.
  3. Vibrant and Bright Color Schemes – Bold sells. Use your design to give the potential customer a strong handshake. We don’t get to meet people face-to-face much anymore, but when we did, business owners didn’t hide in a corner and blend into the wallpaper. Let your customers know who you are with confidence.
  4. Dynamic Gradients – Along with bold, bright colors, we’re also seeing more gradients. Although simple, clean lines are still the norm, some sites are going a bit more retro and psychedelic and it’s working!
  5. Big, Strong Typography – You may have noticed a pattern here: BOLD design is IN! You don’t need to have your entire website in all caps, but try out some thicker letters with fewer details.


  1. Custom Illustrations – Although pictures are worth a thousand words, custom illustrations have become increasingly popular. Using local artists to draw your storefront or using your own handwriting as a font makes your website completely unique. And that’s what everyone is going for.
  2. More Concise Text – Fewer clicks is the goal when it comes to getting people what they want on your website. Lead them there easily with good headlines, good descriptions and simple call-to-actions.


  1. SSL certificates – They encrypt data that is being sent over the web and not only Google wants the internet to be one secure place. Over 80% of shoppers will ditch their carts if they see the website they are browsing isn’t secure.

Keep in mind, these are very generalized trends and the popularity and longevity of some of them will depend on the industry. If you’re curious about up-and-coming ideas for your business, let’s chat. We’re happy to create a website strategy that is modern and user-friendly and customized just for you.

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